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GSoC Report 4: Stalking your friends with GNOME

More than one month without a GSoC report? Luckily my mentors are so kind to get angry with me ;) . The truth is that I was really busy getting ready for some final exams, but that stuff is finished and I am really motivated to continue.

What was done?

Stalking your friend with GNOME

I started to like the word stalk since I started to play GTA V and got known about the Lifeinvader in-game social network, now this word is coming to GNOME Maps. I was working in a feature to display check-ins from user friends and from the user him/herself. This feature is going to be available only for Foursquare users that have a Foursquare account configured in GNOME Online Accounts. Since I was mostly working in the non-GUI part of the feature I don't have much to show you, just one screenshot:

No! I'm not using maximize and minimize buttons in my environment! that's happening to me with the latest version of Gtk+, dunno why :)

These are markers that Maps will show to represent a check-in (for the current user or for the user itself), obviously, if you press on that marker, a bubble with more information about the check-in will appear, I'm working with Andreas to get a nice mockup for that bubble. Maybe some GNOMErs remember me asking for help in IRC to get a photo with a circle shape, that was what I was trying to do :) .

Maybe you want to get involved in this feature since a have some usability worries that I explain in this Bugzilla comment, any feedback related to this will be appreciated.

Reviews, reviews and more reviews

Now I'm starting to getting some nice feedback from Dario and Rishi (GSoC students working on Maps) about the markers and bubbles I'm coding.

I hope when everything get merged, we will have a really nice maps app for GNOME.

What's next?

Showing check-ins in Maps is the last goal for my GSoC project, so the next tasks is to finish this and work hard to get everything merged before 3.14.


Sadly, I am not going to be in Strasbourg this weekend, not because I couldn't get sponsorship, but due personal stuff. I hope next year to be different, because I really wanted to be there, hacking with you :(

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