viernes, 28 de agosto de 2015

My thoughts of GUADEC 2015

So, GUADEC 2015 is over and I'm back to my country after 2 weeks exploring Europe in my "no extra penny must be spent, no souvenirs, no shopping!" mode, and I really enjoyed the whole experience, it was memorable and I think it marked a sort of inflection point in life.

I finally met my Viking friends: Mattias and Jonas, crew of an awesome långskepp: GNOME Maps. God, they are two memorable characters, hahaha. And also met lots of people there, from vastly different cultures and places, people really enthusiast, funny, especially smart (really smart), humble and people who really love what they are doing. I met new friends around the conference and the hostel, a really enjoyable people to spend your time, like Adri(e|a)n Plazas (sorry, I never going to spell your name correctly :(), Siska, Udayan (my roommate), Tuan, Julita and more!!

The only thing I maybe regret is to not have the english skills to being able to enjoy the full experience, it's hard (really hard) to me to speak and listen to english, particularly listen, maybe sometimes I understood the half of the things people were talking about and sometimes just think "Hey, they could be speaking Swedish and it would be the same to me!". So if you think I was a bit awkward during the conference, 15% of this awkwardness is because of this, I'm still trying to figure out the other 85% :) . Fortunately the people is always nice and understand this limitation, but you know, I prefer to have proper english skills instead.

Anyway, I really enjoyed GUADEC, the talks and the side activities, and I hope I can be there for the next year and enjoy it even more.

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